Accepted Papers

Andrea Ferraguti and Giacomo Micheli.
On a conjecture on irreducible polynomials over finite fields with restricted coefficients.

Massimo Giulietti, Arianna Sabatini and Marco Timpanella.
PIR codes from combinatorial structures.

Ryo Ohashi, Momonari Kudo and Shushi Harashita.
Fast enumeration of superspecial hyperelliptic curves of genus four.

Henk D.L. Hollmann and Urmas Luhaäär.
Optimal possibly nonlinear 3-PIR codes of small size.

Hao Guo and Jintai Ding.
Algebraic Relation of Three MinRank Algebraic Modelings.

Ziling Heng and Xiaoru Li.
Near MDS codes with dimension 4 and their application in locally recoverable codes.

Canberk Irimagzi and Ferruh Ozbudak.
On two applications of polynomials xk-cx-d over finite fields and more.

Fuqing Sun, Qin Yue and Xia Li.
On the 2-adic complexity of cyclotomic binary sequences with period p2 and 2p2.

Nadia El Mrabet, Fouotsa Emmanuel, Loubna Ghammam and Nicolas Méloni.
New Versions of Miller-loop Secured against Side-Channel Attacks .

Yue Zhao, Chunming Tang and Yanfeng Qi.
The Projective General Linear Group PGL(2, 5m) and Linear Codes of Length 5m + 1.

Domingo Gomez-Perez, Andrew Tirkel and Ana I. Gomez.
Correlation measure of binary sequence families with trace representation.

Seyma Bodur, Edgar Martinez-Moro and Diego Ruano.
Private Information Retrieval Schemes Using Cyclic Codes.

Haode Yan, Ziying Zhang and Zhengchun Zhou.
A Class of Power Mappings with Low Boomerang Uniformity.

Vladimir Edemskiy and Chenhuang Wu.
Linear complexity of generalized cyclotomic sequences with period pnqm.

Çetin Koç, S. C. Oliva Madrigal, Gokay Saldamli, Chen Li, Yue Geng, Tian Jing and Zhongfong Wang.
Reduction-free Multiplication for Finite Fields and Polynomial Rings.

Zhao Hu, Bing Chen, Nian Li and Xiangyong Zeng.
Two classes of optimal few-weight codes over Fq + uFq.

Xi Xie, Bing Chen, Nian Li and Xiangyong Zeng.
New classes of bent functions via the switching method.

Shohei Satake, Yujie Gu and Kouichi Sakurai.
Explicit Non-Malleable Codes from Bipartite Graphs.

Bastien Pacifico, Stephane Ballet and Alexis Bonnecaze.
Polynomial Constructions of Chudnovsky-type algorithms for multiplication in finite fields with linear bilinear complexity.